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Books Read 2012

Here’s a reverse-chronological list of all the books I’ve read in 2012. My rating system is out of five stars, but it’s not a comparison system, so all of the five stars aren’t of the same value, all of the four stars aren’t the same, etc. It’s more a rating of my experience as I was reading the book. Did I absolutely love it and wish it wouldn’t end? Did I fear that it never would end? That being said, here’s my rough guideline; in practice, the line between 5s and 4s gets blurred a lot. 5: extraordinary; I will definitely read other books by this author. 4: very strong read, good writing style, really enjoyed and will seek out the author in future, but didn’t quite have the magic of a five-star experience. 3: a good read, possibly had one or two really strong areas, but the rest was average OR parts were great and other parts were just miserable. 2: there were some major flaws that affected my experience, but there were some good points as well. 1: I regret ever having even considered reading this book.

All titles are linked to the publisher’s page on the book, the Library Thing page for out-of-print selections, or the link I downloaded it from in the case of free ebooks. I want to pay more attention to imprints and editors, and this is a simple way for me to do so. :) Also, the original year of publication follows the author. In the case of translated works, I’ve gone with the year it was published in its original language; in the case of books originally published in English but in a different country, I’ve once again noted the earlier year. I also note the translators when relevant; I get this information by checking the book’s copyright page, and sometimes the translation is just accredited to the publisher. In those cases, I’ve marked the translator as ‘unknown.’ Finally, if I’ve discussed a book on the blog, that’s noted and linked in parentheses following the author. I use ‘thoughts’ to indicate at least a paragraph-worth of writing; ‘brief thoughts’ indicates a single sentence recommendation.

Quick note: in the latter half of 2012, I stopped keeping up with this list. That’s why it ends in August, even though I did continue to read! :)









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