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Review Directories

I’ve collected all my book and short story reviews since I’ve been blogging and put them in directories: alphabetical by title and alphabetical by author. Additionally, I’ve created a thematic directory for my nonfiction book reviews, organised via the Dewey Decimal System. Most of these are on my blog, but some were for review sites, so the links send you to the sites.  The links are set in open in the same new window, so if you click on a second link, it’ll replace the first one. If you’d rather look at my reviews by genre, topic, or rating, see the list of categories. There are over 600 books and about 100 short stories reviewed. Happy browsing!


Categories (note that I might have a book included in more than one category)
All Fiction

  • Historical Fiction (My definition: a story set at least a generation earlier than the author writing it, which includes classics such as Les Miserables.)
  • Imaginative Fiction (My definition: a story that includes elements you don’t encounter in everyday life. Think high fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, etc.)
  • Suspense Fiction (My definition: a story whose plot is a major focus and/or has a frightening atmosphere. Think mysteries, thrillers, horror, gothic novels, etc.)
  • Fiction Written Before 1950 (Pretty self-explanatory! Essentially, classics but without the baggage that label carries for some.)
  • Modern Fiction (My definition: a book written in 1950 or later without any imaginative, historical, or suspenseful elements.)

All Nonfiction

  • Humanities (Topics such as history, art, philosophy, religion, and literature, aka ‘books about books’.)
  • Natural Sciences (Topics such as biology, astronomy, chemistry, and medicine.)
  • Social Sciences (Topics such as international relations, anthropology, crime, and economics.)
  • Personal Nonfiction (Nonfiction written primarily from the author’s personal viewpoint, such as memoirs and travelogues.)

Books I Loved (these books were ‘perfect’ for me)
Books I Really Liked (these books were almost ‘perfect’ for me)

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